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As a travel agent I, Kiril Levetrov, would like to introduce you to Burgaria. As a group or as an individual you have many opportunities to get to know this versatile country.


With hiking boots, on the mountain bike or with a 4x4 jeep, many things are possible. With interest I can arrange an individual program for you.

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My name is Kirill Leventrov.

I am the manager of Action Tours and I also work as a guide myself. 

For 19 years I have been a mountain enthusiast and guide. I am an experienced climber, cave explorer, biker, walker/hiker, snow-shoe walker and skier.

I hope that our team can fulfil your wishes for an exciting journey.

I guide sightseeing, skiing, biking and hiking tours in Bulgaria, and also sometimes in the countries of Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia.

In Bulgaria I do guided tours of various regions, Rila, Pirin, Rhodopes, Rui, Slavyanka, Belasitsa, Balkan, including the Osogovska and Stranja mountains, and also cultural cities and Thracian temples.

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Soul-stirring mountains rival golden beaches, while cities hum with nightlife and art. Within Bulgaria’s beguiling blend of nature and history, unforgettable adventures are guaranteed.

Churches & Religious Art

No visitor to Bulgaria can fail to be impressed by its religious art, from vast gold-domed churches to miniature icon paintings. Sofia’s Aleksander Nevski Church and 10th-century Rila Monastery draw visitors and pilgrims galore, while Tryavna’s wood carvings and Bachkovo’s apocalyptic murals are gathering fame. But Orthodox churches in even the tiniest villages have much to admire: emotive paintings of saints, often set in carved wooden screens (iconostases), appear magical when bathed in flickering candlelight. Almost as spectacular are the settings of many sacred buildings: granite cliffs, thrashing streams and lonely mountain passes.

Mountains & Forests

Bulgaria’s untamed landscapes quicken the pulse of hikers, mountain bikers and skiers. Seven mountain ranges ripple across the country; glacial lakes sparkle between these snow-dusted peaks, and tangles of forest conceal wolves, bears and lynx, a glimpse of Europe’s primeval past. Networks of trails and hizhas (hiking huts) allow access to such raw beauty as mist-cloaked panoramas in the Stara Planina range and sunrise from Bulgaria’s second-highest peak, Mt Vihren (2915m). Between trekking among Rodopi villages, thundering across ski fields in Bansko or birdwatching in Pirin National Park, Bulgaria has much to delight (and exhaust) lovers of the great outdoors.

Ancient History

Whispers of history emanate from Bulgaria’s fortresses and ruins. Caves secreted in Bulgaria’s river-sculpted wilds hold traces of Neolithic settlements. The mysterious Thracians left behind dazzling hauls of gold and silver, and tombs that can be explored to this day. The Romans built cities of breathtaking scale, the bathhouses, walls and amphitheatres of which sit nonchalantly in the midst of modern cities such as Varna and Plovdiv. Successions of tsars strutted along the ramparts of Tsarevets Fortress at former capital Veliko Târnovo. And these histories are no less relevant today, with Thracian art and Bulgaria’s victory over the Ottomans continuing to inspire.


On occasion you can also experience a holiday in Bulgaria.

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